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So, your presence here shows that you are interested in learning more about me, right?

My name is Ann. Surprisingly, "Anne with an E" is one of my favorite TV series. If you've never seen it, it's well worth your time. It is a captivating story about a girl who is seeking (and finally ends up finding) a pair of parents who love her.

Sometimes I imagine that our Planet is just like Anne, searching for people who are eager to show her the love that she so much deserves.

Did you know that 5% of the US citizens are responsible for 50% of the world's climate emissions? Yes, that number includes the Chinese factories that keep manufacturing toys for our spoiled kids day and night.

I have started this website because I want to show others that it is possible to live a normal, fulfilling life without wasting our planet's precious resources.

I post green news to celebrate people's efforts of building a better future for our children. I have also listed useful resources that can help others get involved in the green movement, and make Earth a beautiful planet once again.